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What is Appliance Discount Store and why should I shop here?
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Does Appliance Discount Store offer appliance rebates?
Is my product in stock and available?
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Do you have any other discounts?
Do you offer financing longer than 6 months?
What if the price goes down after I purchase?
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Does one back-ordered item delay my whole order?
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Does Appliance Discount Store have an affiliate program?


Do you deliver to my state?
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I live on an island. Can my order be delivered by a ferry?
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Does Appliance Discount Store offer free shipping on any items?
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What are Entryway and Inside Delivery?
What are the policies of your delivery carrier?
Do you offer Installation of new appliances and removal of old appliances?
Is it possible to have someone install my new appliance if my ZIP code shows it does not offer installation?
When will I receive my product?
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Will my delivery carrier remove the doors of my new appliance for me?


Does Appliance Discount Store offer appliance warranties?
Why should I get an extended warranty?
Can I add a warranty after purchase?
I have an extended warranty with Appliance Discount Store. How do I file a claim?


Do you offer appliance package discounts?
Do you offer appliance installation?
Does my appliance come with a power cord?